Sims 3 Cooking Career

How to Use This Guide ••• The Sims™3 W orld Adventures is the very first expansion pack for The Sims™3 . It offers three incredible destinations for your Sims to explore, from

THE SIMS 3 LIFETIME WISHES FAQ WISH REWARD DESCRIPTION BECOME A CREATURE-ROBOT CROSS BREEDER 29,000 Reach level 9 in Science career. BECOME A MASTER THIEF 32,500 Reach level 10 Criminal career, Thievery branch.

The Sims 3 has also several career to choose from, everyone of which can be managed in a different way: – Cooking There are also part-time jobs: 3 / 6 @ Sims 3 Cri @ – The Sims 3 game fansite | News from Creator's Camp and a new post on blog!

The Sims™ 3 is a huge playground loaded with options, tools, and tricks for maximizing the happiness (or misery, The Culinary career offers the Practice Cooking tone, which lets you advance the Cooking skill while earning a paycheck.

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3.2 Recognitions are sought/received and demonstrated as proof of career advancement. 3.3 Licenses and/or certifications relevant to job and career 2.3 Cooking equipment are tested for functionality in accordance with (SIMS) ERIC G. GRUBA . Magsaysay Institute of

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